Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book, 5th Edition

What batter had the best season ever? Which pitcher dominated the regular season at a higher level than any other pitcher in history. In Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book 2012, now updated through the end of the 2012 postseason, (ebook pdf) from the staff at, we answer those questions and more. There are hundreds of players listed, plus explanations of the Top Ten. And it's more than the top seasons of individual batters and pitchers, there are Best Ever lists of the top players by every Team in baseball history, from the long forgotten ones like the Keokuk Westerns to your favorites from coast to coast, yes, the New York Yankees to the Minnesota Twins to the Los Angeles Dodgers. It includes best ever lists for the regular season, postseason, and careers plus rankings, ratings, and bonus sections. Yes, this is a book of best ever lists, but it's also a whole lot more with the unique stats from the stat rating model you can't get anywhere else. And this year, a new chapter on the Best Ever Teams in history. PDF Ebook format. Published 2/9/2012. Second edition 11-5-2012.

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