Freeborn (E-Book PDF)

Freeborn, Western Fiction with a comedy twist.

Freeborn, a western novel by Jeff Peterman.

Freeborn, a western novel by Jeff Peterman in E-Book (PDF) format, 239 pages. Freeborn is a western fable, a comedy in the genre of the Princess Bride meets Blazing Saddles. Nobody in town likes the illegitimate son of outlaw Jesse James, until he proves, once and for all, that he is nothing like his pop. Freeborn is a novel that combines the comedy and western with rare aplomb, loosening the grip on the old west of raucous nights. the grasp of family heritage on the next generation, and the power of love to change a prairie landscape. Whimsical and funny, with a love story to boot. Jeff Peterman is a comedy writer who has written for comedians Spanky, Hilda Vincent, and Jay Leno, and a contributing screenwriter to the USC School of Cinema and Television Producer's Program.

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